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Tuttle Youth

Soccer Club

Click here for U5 - u12 In-House Rec Schedules


Before submission, an agreed reschedule date/time must be achieved between both coaches. Your request will be reviewed by the MYSA referee assignor and scheduler. If approved, you will be notified. If an alternative is required, the scheduler will contact the requester directly with other availabilities.

*Reschedule days will be available for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only. Please allow no less than 4 days prior to the original game date for a change request.

Click here to reschedule games:  http://www.westokcsoccer.com/mysacoaches

Tuttle Soccer Complex

1501 N Cemetery Rd, Tuttle, OK 73089

Board Members

Wes Malone

1st Vice President
Wayne Kahler

2nd Vice President
Brad Craig

Jessica Malone

Jennifer Craig

Rachel Wright

Coach Coordinator
Kenneth Wright

Referee Assignor