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Tuttle Youth

Soccer Club

U4/U5/U6 Sample Practice Plan (3v3)


Warm up: Soccernastics (5-10min)

–I can do this can you? (Without a Ball)

-Progression (With a Ball)

-Allow the kids to come up with some

Ex. Toss ball in the air and clap/catch

Hop on one foot

Punt the Ball


Activities/Games: (15-25min)

#1 –Ball Retrieval (Bring the ball back to the coach)

-Hands, feet, head, etc…


#2 –Dribble and stop your ball with different body parts.

-Belly, foot, knee, ear, elbow, etc…


#3–Knee Tag

-While controlling your ball try and tag someone’s knee


#4 –Clean your Room! (Collect targets/pennies-Can assign colors to players)

-First without the balls (1 at a time)

-Coach acts as a laundry shoot

Additional options:


#5- Driving Your Car (Don’t crash into each other!)(Beep! Beep)


#6- Sharks and Minnows (classic)


#7- Red Light/Green Light (classic)


End Game: 3v3 (Something that looks like the game) (10-20min)

-Teach rules

-Let them play

Cool Down: Body Shapes/Numbers (5 min)

(Can you make these with your body?)

Tuttle Soccer Complex

1501 N Cemetery Rd, Tuttle, OK 73089

Board Members

Wes Malone

1st Vice President
Wayne Kahler

2nd Vice President
Brad Craig

Jessica Malone

Jennifer Craig

Rachel Wright

Coach Coordinator
Kenneth Wright

Referee Assignor