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Tuttle Youth

Soccer Club

U7/U8 Sample Practice Plan (4v4)


Warm up: (5-10min)

#1 –Pull the tails out (Targets are tails tucked in the back of their shorts)

(Without a Ball)

-Progression (With a Ball)


Dribbling Activities/Games: (25-30min)


#1 -Body Part Dribble/Math Game/Musical Balls

-Coach gives instructions (stop with different body parts, change

speeds, fast footwork, etc…)(Groups of 2 plus 2)


#2 –Playing through the gates (Cone gates spread around the field)

-Dribbling through as many gates as possible

-Progression is passing through the gates with a partner

-Double points for weaker foot passes/Outside of the foot


#3 –Ball Retrieval (Bring the ball back to the coach)

-Groups of 2(foreheads, backs, touch limit, etc…)


#4 –Get out of Here!

-1V1 and 2V2 (With Goals on each end)

-Start from sideline and roll the ball into play,

when ball goes out of bounds yell “get out of Here!” and start with next round


End Game: 4v4 (Something that looks like the game) (20-25min)

-Teach rules

-Let them play


Cool Down: Body Part Draw/Clapping game/Do this-that (5 min)

Simon Says….etc.

Tuttle Soccer Complex

1501 N Cemetery Rd, Tuttle, OK 73089

Board Members

Wes Malone

1st Vice President
Wayne Kahler

2nd Vice President
Brad Craig

Jessica Malone

Jennifer Craig

Rachel Wright

Coach Coordinator
Kenneth Wright

Referee Assignor