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Tuttle Youth

Soccer Club

U7/U8 Sample Practice Plan (4v4)


Warm up: (5-10min)

#1 –Pull the tails out (Targets are tails tucked in the back of their shorts)

(Without a Ball)

-Progression (With a Ball)


Dribbling Activities/Games: (25-30min)


#1 -Body Part Dribble/Math Game/Musical Balls

-Coach gives instructions (stop with different body parts, change

speeds, fast footwork, etc…)(Groups of 2 plus 2)


#2 –Playing through the gates (Cone gates spread around the field)

-Dribbling through as many gates as possible

-Progression is passing through the gates with a partner

-Double points for weaker foot passes/Outside of the foot


#3 –Ball Retrieval (Bring the ball back to the coach)

-Groups of 2(foreheads, backs, touch limit, etc…)


#4 –Get out of Here!

-1V1 and 2V2 (With Goals on each end)

-Start from sideline and roll the ball into play,

when ball goes out of bounds yell “get out of Here!” and start with next round


End Game: 4v4 (Something that looks like the game) (20-25min)

-Teach rules

-Let them play


Cool Down: Body Part Draw/Clapping game/Do this-that (5 min)

Simon Says….etc.

Tuttle Soccer Complex

1501 N Cemetery Rd, Tuttle, OK 73089

Board Members

Wes Malone

1st Vice President
Wayne Kahler

2nd Vice President
Brad Craig

Jessica Malone

Jennifer Craig

Rachel Wright