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Tuttle Youth

Soccer Club

U-12 Sample Practice Plan


Warm up: (10-15min)

#1 –Dynamic Stretching

-Speed and Agility

-Ball Mastery (Coerver Coaching)(Individual Ball skills/Ball mastery)


Passing activities/games: (25-30min)


#1 –Windows

-2 groups (One with balls and one without)(Players make large circle)


· Receive with one foot/pass with the other

· One Touch

· Partners (Receive from one and pass to the other)


#2 –Passing and Moving in open space

· Multiple balls

· One ball per team

· One ball and play possession


#3 –Three team Possession small sided game(field is 3 sections)(Teams on the outside are in possession)

· Make 3 Passes and change the field

· Make 4 Passes and change the field


End Game: 8v8 (Something that looks like the game) (20-25min)

-Teach rules

-Let them play


Cool Down: Marbles/Passing through the gate(5-10 min)

Classic. Change the distance and size of gate as needed.

Tuttle Soccer Complex

1501 N Cemetery Rd, Tuttle, OK 73089

Board Members

Wes Malone

1st Vice President
Wayne Kahler

2nd Vice President
Brad Craig

Jessica Malone

Jennifer Craig

Rachel Wright

Coach Coordinator
Kenneth Wright

Referee Assignor